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NICE GREEN Printing was organized on January 15, 1991 was originally a small-scale family business. In our desire to establish a name in quality printing, we soon expanded our clientele and increased the business volume, eventually growing into a medium scale, more competitive enterprise.  Manpower was beefed up, alongside the acquisition of better and bigger-capacity machines and printing equipment.

Advantage of being a medium-sized enterprise is that it enables us to render professional service to our client's job, big and small, with meticulous attention. At NICE GREEN, we believe in constant coordination with our clients from day one start of transaction up to completion/delivery. Due to our strong commitment to quality, it enables us to get a client's work done faster, better and without costly hitches.

Such a business style has become our tradition, indeed, earning us the trust and confidence of long-time and new clients, even walk-in customers.

To satisfy our customers' printing needs and supplies.

To be one of the best offset printing company that works more on attaining the best quality possible.

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